Experienced Hypnosis Training Since the 80’s At Alpha Hypnotherapy we have been helping people to succeed since the 80’s. We teach you everything you need to know to become a confident professional hypnotherapist. Our reputation and expertise has been recognized on many levels professionally and within the industry and we guarantee you will be satisfied.
A life time of hypnosis experience, passion and wisdom has been crafted into our world class curriculum from NZ's most awarded hypnotherapist. Roger Saxelby. Our team have been extremely lucky to have trained with many of the world renowned leaders within the field of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy like Gill Boyne, Dr Michael Yapko, Phil Parker, Rob Kelly, Sheila Granger and a lifetime of 1000’s of books, videos and ongoing professional development. As more research is uncovered within the field of neuroscience, along with feedback from the students and my trainers we continue to evolve the course and we love sharing this knowledge with you.
Our Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy meets the requirements for membership of many hypnotherapy organisations, not only in New Zealand but also overseas. You can practice in NZ and many other countries, with the latest effective techniques of internationally recognised experts in the profession. We are actively involved in helping to move the hypnotherapy industry forward with an interest in the development of NZQA standards.
Leading Edge Research The field of Hypnosis, Neuroscience and Self-Development is one of the fastest growth industries over the last 20 years. We are dedicated to peak performance and to give you the very best we research and continue our training. We ensure that our courses and students are updated accordingly. We also invite global speakers to provide additional training to our students.
I can assure you I carefully select only the very best certified Hypnotherapy trainers. As a team we will guide and we support you every step of the way. I continue to teach in Auckland and Lynda Johnson, our expert Certified Advanced Trainer teaches in Wellington. Lynda comes with a wealth of experience and expertise and has ran a full time training and private practice for over 14 years within the field of hypnosis, NLP, Coaching and Holistic Healing. She has also performed several times on Good Morning TVNZ and has been a presenter on Authentic TV.
It is important that you are really successful in growing your business. We work with business coaches, digital marketing strategists and incorporate business development and marketing to show you how you can grow your customer base and market both off-line and on-line.
We provide the most comprehensive hypnotherapy training, with many demonstrations (right from day 1) and a focus on vital practice time in a supervised environment with an experienced hypnotherapist. Our pledge to you is: If, on the last class day of the course, you honestly believe we have not provided you with information, methods and techniques with life changing potential (for yourself and others) we don’t want your money! We’ll give it back to you 100%. Guaranteed!

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Become a professional hypnotherapist in less time than you may imagine. Start straight away with our audio learning. You’ll be surprised by how much you learn, not only about hypnotherapy but about yourself as well. To complete your diploma you can choose 2 x 9 day block classes or Part-Time Weekend Classes over the year. Classes are held in Auckland and Wellington.

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Acquire the skills to become a confident and professional Hypnotherapist and you’ll be able to successfully empower others to transform their lives

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Receive on-going coaching support

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If you honestly believe by the end of the course we have not provided you with info, methods & techniques with life changing potential, we will refund you 100%

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Learning Hypnotherapy can help to improve your communication skills and aid in resolving many issues. You can learn hypnotherapy to become a professional hypnotherapist, for your own self-development or enhance your existing professional development.

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